Lea Laboy

Lea Laboy - Impressionist painter.

The concept of my painting 

For me the starting point in painting is simplicity. A modest palette of colors, economical composition and prosaic theme, because in my works I discovered that less means more. The color uniformity is also very important to me. Therefore, the picture must be built evenly based on the study of adjacent colors and the light acting on them. The object does not exist without a background and the background without an object their mutual relations only builds a color that they define and complement each other. Harmony of these parameters only forms a coherent image. My favorite subject is still life. I am fascinated with objects and how they interact with each other, and how my brain and eyes transform these relationships that form one whole into an image. I fully approve the words of W.Strzemiński creator of "Theory of seeing" that "It is not important in the process of seeing what mechanically catches the eye, but what man realizes from one’s vision" continuing "... because man really only saw what he realized".