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Confident with their services

My partner has been looking for a trustworthy company to refit new sash windows to one of his properties that he rents out. He got in touch with Sash Heritage Restoration and has met with them for a consultation to discuss his requirements. He has decided to go ahead with this company and use their services. Just from the initial meeting, he is confident in their services and satisfied with the pricing. He feels that this particular company are the perfect solution and the right people for the job. He said that he was impressed when looking through their portfolio of previous jobs and the way in which they conduct themselves was very professional. He is looking forward to having the team around and to see the outcome.

This blog was posted Tuesday 5th December 2017 : 11.33 am

Spick and Span!

My brother came back from work one day and to his dismay, saw a new oven in replace of the old one. My sister in law took great pleasure in telling him that it most certainly wasn't a new oven, but their one -spotless! She found it hilarious. My brother was gobsmacked and couldn't believe the difference that Mrs Ovens had made to their once greasy and smelly oven. They are overjoyed with the result.

This blog was posted Wednesday 1st November 2017 : 03.26 pm

New Air Conditioning Unit

My colleague was looking for a company that could install a new air conditioning unit for their factory outlet. An air conditioning unit had been fitted some time ago but was in need of a refit. 4Facilities were contacted to install this new unit. They were very impressed with the standard and service provided and esteemed the company highly for the work that they had done!

This blog was posted Tuesday 22nd August 2017 : 11.14 am

Holiday Parks Wood Burning Stoves

My colleague is a manager of a small holiday park that has lodges with wood burning stoves. The flues need to be regularly cleaned to a high Fire and Safety Standard for the lodges that are owned. The current company that has been used for this purpose were due to retire and needed to find and contact someone that could take on the job soon. Other managers of holiday parks were contacted in the area and had used Steve Ely who found that he provided an exceptionally high standard of service. He was contacted and asked to take on the job.

This blog was posted Tuesday 22nd August 2017 : 11.04 am

Bathroom Refit for Resale of Home

My brother was looking to completely refit and install a new bathroom suite. This would encourage new home owners looking for a new home to have a new clean modern fitting bathroom. He needed a plumber to do the job so her looked to Sam Mercer Plumbing company to provide a high standard of specification. The company was very reliable and skilled in fitting new bathrooms! He talked through the design layout with them and what the most practical options available regarding the resale of his home were. A budget was set and the job at hand was implemented!

This blog was posted Tuesday 22nd August 2017 : 10.52 am

Company Health and Safety Policies

As a company personal assistant, my job is to make sure that all Health and Safety regulations are complied to. We contacted ETC Fire to come into our office to check and remedy any existing equipment that may have been faulty and upgrade as needed. High standard safety checks were carried out as well as education and training given to implement procedures in the event of a fire.

This blog was posted Tuesday 22nd August 2017 : 10.38 am

Dining Room Flooring

My auntie wanted to replace the carpet she had in her dining room with solid Oak flooring. She contacted P Batten Flooring to get a quote and was very happy with the high standard of professional care that was offered. She looked through the different options and decided on several different patterns initially. There was so much choice, she had to narrow it down to a definite one. A very good job was done and there was a high standard of care implemented!

This blog was posted Tuesday 22nd August 2017 : 10.02 am

New Logos

My work colleague wanted to revamp her business with a new Logo. This meant that all the advertising criteria needed to be changed. She approached Ocean Press with the need for some alterations. She looked through the catalogues of different business card formats and looked at having some new pop-up banners to promote her cause. The benchmark needed to be modified and it was accomplished.

This blog was posted Tuesday 22nd August 2017 : 09.38 am

Leaving School

My step sister has Partners for Training to thank for her great time in college. She said she met so many interesting and inspiring people that she will always remember. When she left school two years ago she could not wait to get into hairdressing. She had heard brilliant things about the Hairdressing course that they offer. She has just finished doing her level 1 and she loved it! She said that she learned things she had never known before and learning and working inside a professional salon was a great taster as to what it is really like working as a qualified hairdresser. It has inspired her to aim higher than she had ever planned to. She told me that she can't wait to start back and do her NVQ level 2 with them!

This blog was posted Monday 21st August 2017 : 04.11 pm

Nursery Windows

Nursery Windows Hello! My mum manages a nursery in Seven Dials which is located in a stunning period Victorian property. The building is listed and stooped in history with its intricate designs flowing throughout the building. She is lucky to be placed in such a timeless beautiful building and it's a lovely thought teaching and raising the next generations in such an old building. She has always used Sash Heritage Restoration to look after the windows as it is to my understanding that listed buildings should have their windows repaired and installed by professionals only to keep the original look and feel. They always do such a wonderful job and are a friendly bunch who we always enjoy seeing!

This blog was posted Friday 18th August 2017 : 10.00 am

Home insurance saved my work colleague thousands

My work colleague's mum had a bad fall and broke her ankle a few months back. My work colleague got the time off work and left to go and look after her mum as she lives alone and does not have neighbors close by as she owns a farm. She stayed with her for a week. When she had returned she was disgusted to come back to find that her house had been robbed. Her TV, speakers, tablet and even her gold rings had been taken. She was furious and was incredibly upset as the rings were of sentimental value, leaving her feeling that she had been robbed twice over. If it wasn't for her home insurance that she had taken up with Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers she would have had to pay out thousands to replace these items. She was truly grateful for the help and advice that Reid Briggs gave her.

This blog was posted Wednesday 16th August 2017 : 12.10 pm

Strength and Tone

A friend of mine was looking really good and cousin asked her how has she managed to look so toned. My cousin told her that she had a personal fitness trainer. There were classes available that she has attended as well as the personal 1:1 fitness coaching that she has had. Have a Hart Fitness took her through easy individual steps to achieve her goal. She wanted to be able to lose weight but also wanted to be able to have a body that was toned and firm. Her personal coach took her though various strength and tone exercises as well as resistance exercises, to work on different muscle groups. She was able to see results fairly quickly as her stamina had improved drastically, and so had her endurance. She likes to go out running but she knew that certain muscle groups would not be targeted by running alone. Her personal fitness coach helped her to find out and target which muscles she wanted to tone and exercise as well as strengthen.

This blog was posted Tuesday 15th August 2017 : 12.21 pm