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Useful mirrors

When we got these Convex Mirrors for the drive and found they really do have a multitude of uses.  Another one placed strategically made it much easier to see what the kids were doing in the garden too!

This blog was posted Tuesday 20th January 2015 : 10.15 am

I liked this cute pattern

I particularly liked the little anchor pattern on the Marine childrens curtains collection. 

This blog was posted Thursday 11th September 2014 : 11.57 am

Advice about production equipment

I thought Kevin Wickson very helpful. He knew which industrial furnaces would match our requirements and where to find them.

This blog was posted Thursday 4th September 2014 : 10.06 am

Mobile welders can travel

When it comes to mobile welders in Sussex, Abelweld really have the edge with that huge van - all the stuff they need is inside and they can travel all around the south east in fact. 

This blog was posted Tuesday 29th July 2014 : 02.54 pm

Designed for the loft space

Wonderful oak loft furniture at amazing prices - the stuff is totally designed for your loft.

This blog was posted Monday 23rd June 2014 : 09.08 pm

Different and unique

I was so pleased to find these Memorial Keepsakes. They are just what I was looking for  - something a little bit different and unique.

This blog was posted Thursday 29th May 2014 : 11.49 am

All the best perimeter security products are here - in one place. We like the way you can order what you want and see exactly what it does.

This blog was posted Saturday 26th April 2014 : 01.36 pm

Rubbish clearance solved

We always call ASAP Waste Logistics whenever we've got rubbish clearance Sussex areas - they do a quick and simple wait and load service that solves the knotty problem of where to put a skip. 

This blog was posted Monday 7th April 2014 : 03.26 pm

Counselling for heartache

After a stressful relationship break up and moving to Staffordshire counselling has been a great help from Marika of Counselling4You. I've been able to reprocess a lot of the problems that were going round and round in my head really getting me down, she's such a lovely lady and worked wonders!

This blog was posted Friday 28th February 2014 : 12.10 pm

Really good, swift service

When it came to finding a good insurance broker Keely Rust at Reid Briggs really was second to none. Our Young Driver Insurance for our daughter was swiftly sorted out.

This blog was posted Wednesday 5th February 2014 : 07.59 pm

Business flights at great prices

Getting a great deal on our Abu Dhabi Business Flights is always a bonus. The Business Traveller makes flying around the world that much less of a problem.

This blog was posted Friday 3rd January 2014 : 08.54 pm

Like this! - the CPD Centre - I'm so busy it's helpful for me when I needed pharmacy training online, gets my CPD reporting in on time. great service and lots of help at the end of the day when I've run out of steam... 

This blog was posted Friday 29th November 2013 : 01.45 pm

We wanted to spend a nice holiday in Eastbourne and found the Martello Beach park which is right in between Eastbourne and Hastings in Pevensey Bay. Battle is quite nearby (where Harold got one in the eye) and Pevensey Castle is great for picnics or walking in the fields around. They have a few caravans for sale and we had a look round them they are very nice indeed.  We took our bikes for cycling round the local roads as it's very flat there (wife doesn't like hills!). Had a great time and we'll be back!

This blog was posted Friday 18th October 2013 : 04.08 pm

Lovely shiny sinks!

Loved those shiny sinks and taps. Thanks Tracy and your girls for a proper professional cleaning Eastbourne team you can't beat this hardworking bunch.

This blog was posted Wednesday 4th December 2013 : 11.28 am

Best welcome in Eastbourne!

Traditional Hotels in Eastbourne don't come any better than The Arden Hotel - perfectly situated for morning walks along the seafront and all the local restaurants and shops... Traditional cooked breakfasts a speciality of the house and a friendly welcome from your hosts. 

This blog was posted Friday 29th November 2013 : 11.08 am

Downsfield BNB

A wonderful week at this Carbis Bay guesthouse. We enjoyed the quiet countryside setting and the little train ride to St Ives. Downsfield B&B fitted the bill for a nice relaxing holiday.

This blog was posted Sunday 24th November 2013 : 08.10 pm

Happy to jump into bed now!

Lovely curtains, lovely cushions, what's not to love about Childrens Curtains. We found so much inspiration here for bright and cheerful childrens' bedrooms and ordered a complete set of duvet covers, pillows and accessories which have made our son really happy to jump into bed at night now he's all grown up and in a 'big bed'!

This blog was posted Tuesday 19th November 2013 : 09.26 am

great rates on cheap business flights

Our Group use The Business Traveller because we always know we're going to get good rates on cheap business flights around the World.  With their contacts they can always get them cheaply and their advice has been invaluable at all times so it's well worth using a travel management company like them. You might think they'd charge extra, but you end up paying a lot less!

This blog was posted Thursday 14th November 2013 : 10.17 am

Welcoming atmosphere in a care home

When you have a relative in care you need to know that they are in the best place and actually I think Normanhurst in Maidenhead, is a marvellous example of a caring home for dementia care in Berkshire. From the moment you walk in, there's a welcoming atmosphere and the residents are kept happily engaged in all sorts of activities each week.  It's not every home that gives you that feeling!

This blog was posted Saturday 9th November 2013 : 11.26 am

great business promotion material

As a great business promotional idea I've been trying out this Postcard Printers service from Halcyon! You send in your own photos, they print up to four photos on a postcard and mail them back to you. It's great quality and I've found its an excellent way to promote my business and give my customers something to keep or pass on.

This blog was posted Wednesday 30th October 2013 : 10.22 am